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Car loan for new cars – made for smart savers

Car loan for new cars – interest-free from the car dealership

Car loan for new cars - interest-free from the car dealership

Cross your heart. The thought of a new car makes every heart beat faster. See http://www.bpowerhouse.info/2020/01/03/bad-credit-car-loan-dealerships-bad-credit-car-dealership-near-me-find-out-more/ for an illustration

The blood boils, the emotions beat. Incidentally, this is also clear to the dealer. Car loan for new cars is already well prepared. A large around zero and affordable rates increase interest. Without a down payment and then without interest, what’s wrong with that? Nothing if the lottery would spend the money on interest. Since she does not do this, it is reasonable to conclude that a horse’s foot is lurking somewhere. But it does not lie dormant in the contract. On the contrary, the loan is actually interest-free. With a little luck, the seller can even add 10 percent off the list price.

Discount for cash payers – unbroken high

Discount for cash payers - unbroken high

What he won’t reveal, however, is how much discount would otherwise have been possible. If the money is on the table, the conclusion comes from the SZ, for example, there is a 30 percent discount. On average well noted, but depending on the brand and model. Because, the list price included about 10 percent discount, of course the “interest sponsorship” and other risks. When paying in cash, however, the vehicle is finally from the yard. The dealership is no longer interested in whether the car buyer pays his car loan for new cars on time.

Likewise, when the final installment is due, the dealer does not have to count on the buyer deciding to return it. (Three-way financing). But, the discount battle doesn’t just pay off for the seller.

How much do cash payers actually save?

How much do cash payers actually save?

We are used to comparing loans by interest rates. Hardly anyone calculates how much money is actually hidden behind the APR. An example with real numbers shows how much cash payers actually save with the car loan for new cars from a direct bank. For the example, we assume a list price for the new car of 26,000 USD.

To keep it clear, we finance the respective loan requirement as installment loan with the same installments until the end. Car owners change their cars about every five years.

This means that a 60-month term proves to be realistic.

26,000 USD new car loan – sample invoice

26,000 USD new car loan - sample invoice

On 26,000 USD car loan for new cars, financed by the manufacturer’s bank, the seller offers about 10 percent discount. After all, an impressive $ 2,600 discount, despite an interest-free loan.

This leaves 23,400 USD for the interest-free financing without a down payment. With a term of 5 years, this corresponds to a monthly rate of 390 USD. For the cash payer, the dealership offers about 30 percent discount. So the loan amount, again without a down payment, is reduced by 7,800 USD. This means that 18,200 USD of car credit are required for new cars. The appropriate funding could come from Cream Bank.

According to the 2/3 example, customers of the bank pay 2.79 percent APR for $ 18,200 car loan with a term of 60 months. The loan interest incurs a total of $ 1,303 interest costs. This saves the car buyer the bottom line 6,497 USD. The good feeling of saving a lot of money once is far from everything.

Small installments – preferably with interest

Most car buyers are primarily concerned with no installments when it comes to car loans for new cars. Not infrequently, they even resort to a final installment loan, just to keep the monthly charge low.

This is of course also possible online, but is not that important now. The rate amount in the calculation example is decisive. The bottom line for the interest-free car loan is 390 USD in installments on the household budget. The saving as a cash payer, however, ensures recurring joy.

Because, the monthly rate is only 325 USD. Every month 65 USD more remain in your pocket. – Without restricting yourself when making a purchase decision.

Loan models – differences from dealer credit

As already mentioned, final installment loans are required to reduce the monthly installment burden. In principle, the online loan for buying a new car offers almost the same options.

Only a three-way financing, with return to the dealer, is sought in vain. In return, the car loan for new cars from the comparison calculator also offers variants that the dealership does not know.

For example, it is often permitted to combine the car loan with debt restructuring. Even without giving up the low interest rate through “earmarking”. One click on product details is enough to recognize whether the desired lender is making this offer. Advantages should be there: Unlimited number of debt restructuring loans. This special condition allows the overdraft facility or other liabilities to be integrated into the car loan straight away. The interest rate remains the same.

New car loan – weaker credit rating

New car loan - weaker credit rating

New vehicles cost money. In order for the car loan for new cars to go off without a hitch, personal creditworthiness must demonstrate secure lending. There is no difference whether credit comes from a car dealership or from a direct bank. If this does not work straight away with the high sum, nothing is still lost.

Incidentally, the simplest problem solution is usually supplied by the requested bank “free of charge”. The required car loan for new cars is made possible by a solvent co-applicant. Most banks allow credit for two people online. Due to the joint liability, the credit risk initially recognized is no longer relevant.

The bank does not care which borrower then pays the installments and uses the vehicle. The joint liability for the second borrower is also not very risky. After all, the money is not gone. If necessary, the vehicle is sold again.

Finally, tip – car loan for new cars

The key interest rates have never been as cheap as in the present. The Lite Lender has been keeping consumer interest rates low for several years. But this is no guarantee that it will stay that way for a long time. Take advantage of the current benefits.

Apply for your car loan for new cars today. You will be a cash payer in three days and save a lot of money.