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The new scam when buying used cars

Well they say that the internet can be the best of inventions or the worst of weapons. The ‘pishing-car’ is a new scam that is done online in which criminals sell used cars or 0km.

So far, the scammers already have the car information

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Scammers look for people who sell their cars online on Facebook groups, pages dedicated to that, etc. Once they contact you, they ask for your documentation by becoming “distrustful.” The seller sends them a copy of the documents for the buyer to decide.

The next step is to download the photos of the car and then upload them to another page on the internet as if they were selling the car at a lower price to attract more buyers.

Once a buyer is interested

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They already have the documents so they have no problem sending them to give them confidence. Then, they use car “companies” as intermediaries to make the purchase. Of course, these companies are fake. Or they also send money through companies that provide the courier service (send money or documents to different places) where it is not so easy to discover identity.

Do not be discouraged at first. If in your first investment you did not get so much money, do not be discouraged, remember that you invested only a little to see what it was. The important thing is to learn. You can search online education about investments and other recommendations.

The buyer makes the first payment and the final payment is made when the car arrives at your door, which of course, is never. The scammers keep the first payment and look for another model, to start again.

If you are going to buy a car, make sure you do it using a serious company as an intermediary. Remember also that vehicle loans are used for both used and new cars. Use the vehicle credit comparator and request the one that suits you best. Forget about scams by taking a good process.